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As an experienced trainer and instructor, Jackie offers programs that allow any person serious about loving their bodies to achieve growth. The recognition that success looks and feels different from client to client has motivated Jackie to invest in a variety of trainings and workshops that allow her to effectively lead safe exercise and yoga workouts, relaxing yin and restorative sessions, as well as meditation and Thai bodywork practices. Jackie’s programing allows clients to build strength, gain flexibility and even train the mind without having to pay for multiple memberships at different locations. Her planning is also valuable as it is truly personal and not a generic workout found on the internet tailored to most bodies.

  • May 2013

    AFAA Certification

  • June 2015

    ACE Personal Trainer Certification

  • May 2016

    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

  • June 2017

    ACE Senior Fitness Specialist

  • June 2019

    ACE Coaching Behavior Change

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"I worked with Jackie fall 2017 through winter of 2018, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Jackie is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer. She was very patient with answering my questions. She helped me be more aware of my body and posture. I love that she helped me gain strength and work on my problem areas, all while helping me to do it safely and at a pace that was healthy. Jackie has a great background in yoga and it shows - she pays a lot of attention to alignment. I was really pleased with my results and the workouts she designed for me. I highly recommend her and will reach out to her first if I need a personal trainer again!"


"Jackie has been a personal trainer for myself and a friend for over a year. She has a great sense of humor and cheeful disposition even when she’s killing us. Her background in yoga allows her to include important balance and core workouts in addition to great cardio and strength. Highly recommend!"


"I have been training with Jackie for over a year. I’ve become much stronger and fitter in that time. She is cheerful, confident and well worth the time."


"Excellent. Delightful. Thought out. Makes progress. Worthwhile."


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